SPO Security Service

SPO’s or Special Police Officers are officers who have had special training and are assigned duties that provide police and security services to various agencies. SPO’s protect facilities, personnel, and visitors from harmful

situations and can enforce certain laws and regulations. Job duties will vary depending on the amount of training and the company an SPO is employed with.

An SPO who will be working in security service will often train by taking a course that includes education on laws and regulations, duties, responsibilities, patrols, access control, communication and dArmed Security Serviceocumentation. They will also learn about emergency procedures, confrontation situations, firearm maintenance and safety, marksmanship and related firearm training.

An SPO security service officer will generally need to pass an approved drug test and physical examination as well. Once training, drug testing and the physical examination are complete the prospective SPO will need to complete the necessary forms required to obtain licensing or certification. These typically include; an affidavit and proof of residency along with copies of the drug test results and the physical exam report.

An SPO working in the security service arena may obtain work in a variety of environments. Some work security details in airports, hospitals or school campuses. Housing police protect publicly owned housing projects. Court officers provide security service at court houses. There are also those who work for private companies and sometimes public parks. Not all officers are armed and duties and hazards related to the job vary depending upon the work.

The federal government employs several SPO’s or security service workers. Most of these security service employees primarily protect federal property and/or federal personnel. There are officers assigned to protect the US mint and of course the well-known Secret Service Agents who guard the White House and other government establishments. Some may be assigned to transportation and pose as a civilian on flights to combat terrorism or other flight related issues.

SPO’s assume their authority from either their nation or municipality or from their employer or contracting agency. Powers derived may include the power to investigate crimes, carry a weapon, detain a suspect or suspects, use force if necessary and other actions as needed to protect the life or property assigned to them. Some SPO’s are allotted more powers than others.

Some SPO’s and other security service employees choose to branch off on their own. Private investigators are one such specialty area where knowledge of security and certification or licensing that comes with training can be beneficial.

In conclusion, the position of an SPO security service employee can be varied depending on the agency with which they are employed. These positions might range from a simple watch guard to a federal agent watching government holdings depending on ones training and personal ambitions.

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