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Eight things you should know about Hiring Security Guard Service in Washington, DC

You can take steps to evaluate Security Guard Service in Washington, DC by following a few basic steps.

Before you open the yellow pages to the security agency section of the book and close your eyes then randomly point to a listing on the page…

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask as many questions that come to your mind when evaluating a security firm. Don’t worry about feeling intrusive. When vetting Security Guard Servicestry to get a feel for what kind of values the security guard service company has. Ask about what levels of security is available for you and your building and personnel.

  • 1. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Check around in the business community. Does the security company have a community presence? Do other business owners or property managers have a working knowledge of the security guard service company that you are looking to hire?

Take some time, and contact about five or six security guard service companies that you have heard of, or know whether or not the security companies have a good reputation. Do your best to evaluate each one of them by asking as many questions as possible, such as, to the size of their workforce, the years the company was established and what is the one unique thing that they can provide that other security companies cannot do?

  • 2. Does the security guard service company have a website?

Security guard service companies that don’t have a website, does not typically mean that the company is not a worthy security guard service provider. But, you will have to wonder if they do not have a web presence, are they information technically savvy? Can they provide you with web-based incident reporting? Can they automate daily, weekly and monthly reporting to your staff or agent that represents your sites or building locations? Do they have the IT support and software to send you emails or maintain a network for their firm?

  • 3. Can the security guard service company provide the number of security officers or special police officers that you require?

Each building and property is different when it comes to the level of service and the number of security guards it takes to adequately secure your buildings. Find out from the security guard service company if they have enough officers to cover your building if you were to ask them to start service tomorrow? A company that has been in business for many years will have the manpower and able to pull from other locations to start a new site. You do not want to hire a smaller Security guard service company that will have to rush to hire personnel. This does not give them time to vet any candidates.

  • 4. What kind of training does each class of officers receive before stepping foot onto your property?

As it is true that not all security guard service providers are the same, it is also true that not all security officers are the same. It is great to trust the company that you hire to protect your company’s buildings. But you must also verify that the officer staff the security company selects for your locations are of top quality. Ask each officer what level of training they have received. Ask what type of training they received from the current security guard service company they are working for? Ask each officer if they work other jobs? Officer that has long school hours or other jobs will need to get sleep somewhere. You just don’t want it to be at your buildings. So, either you or your staff should conduct night inspections to ensure that the night staff is conducting the duties that you have prescribed the security company to compete for each shift.

Inquire about what type of security guard service is available? Do you need unarmed security officers? Do you need armed officers? Do you need personal security protection? Each level of security usually has a certain training requirement that is mandated by the governing authority for security services. Make sure that each officer that is assigned to your site has the correct training for the level of security that they are providing to you. Not only should the company keep training records of each officer that they employ, but each individual officer should carry on their person a license or certification of approved licensing and training.

  • 5. Can a security guard firm provide you with their financial information that demonstrates the ability to cover payroll for the at least 2 billing cycles?

Ask about financial stability. How often does the company bill? Monthly? Bi-weekly? Man-hours represent about 65 percent of the cost associated with security services. Can the security guard service company that you are inquiring about meet payroll needs? Do they have enough business coming in to cover the extra staff hours until the first bill cycle? Security Guard Service Companies with government contacts are more stable as those contacts backed by government entities usually pay out bigger wages to the security guard service companies.

  • 6. How long has the security company been in business?

Ask how long the company has been doing business?Security Guard Service Companies that have been in business for many years will have contacts with local authorities. They will have connection to local emergency notification emails and alerts that they can pass on to each of their clients. Secondary, they have the manpower to provide you security guard services at a moment’s notice with well qualified personnel. They should not have to scramble to hire new applicants that the security company have not worked with or had to enough time to evaluate.

  • 7. Is the Security Guard Service Company licensed with the State, County or municipality properly?

Check to see if the security agency is a legal entity. Does the company have a business license? What about incorporation papers or a LLC structured company?

  • 8. Does the security guard service company have adequate liability insurance to cover them and you in the event of an accident?

Here is what you will need to know to evaluate a Security Guard Service in DC?

While you are checking, ask about liability insurance as well. A million dollar policy should be enough to cover a site that only have unarmed officers. If you need Armed security guard service or Protective details, such as VIP protection or bodyguard services, then you should ask for a higher level insurance policy.

Note:  When ordering your security guard service, please keep in mind that Security Companies in Washington DC have just enough staff to provide security guard services for their current workload.  A security staffing company in DC, may need a day or two to rearrange their schedules to staff any business you send them. Certainly, security guard services can be provided without any issues in a week time frame.   So, when asking for security guard service in Washington, DC try to schedule the start of the contract at least a couple of weeks out.  That way the security guard service company can train their employees and staff before arriving at your building.

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