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Panthers Potential Bidder Ben Navarro Visits The Team

Panthers Potential Bidder Ben Navarro Visits The Team

According to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport, South Carolina businessman Ben Navarro met with the Panthers at Bank of America Stadium today (Monday, US time). Navarro is the founder and CEO of Sherman Financial Group Co., Ltd. and one of the potential bosses of the Panthers team.

Last week, another potential boss, Canadian steel industry billionaire Alan Kestenbaum, also visited the team. David Tepper, who is also a billionaire hedge fund manager and holds a minority stake in Steelers of Pittsburgh, will also visit the team soon. If Tepper succeeds in buying the Panthers team, he will sell his own steel shares.

Panthers's next boss wants to formally take office, but also must wait until the 5.21-5.23 spring league meeting is over. The bosses of the 32 teams will vote at the meeting and must have more than 24 votes to make this decision take effect.

The former boss Jerry Richardson, who owns a majority of Panthers shares, is under investigation and he has been accused of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Apr 3, 2018