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Jackie Beckham will not play before completing the contract

Jackie Beckham will not play before completing the contract

The issue of Odell Beckham Jr.’s future in the New York Giants will continue to ferment for the time being.

Beckham's off-site issues and trading rumors are now topics that people talk about. His renewal progress will become the most noteworthy development in the offseason.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported on Monday that Beckham would not play before signing a long contract. "Odler Beckham will not play without signing a new contract, either with giants or with other teams,"

Yesterday, giant owner John Mara said that no player in the team can't be traded. Mara also said that the team will always listen to trading quotes, but he personally does not want to trade Beckham.

Lapoporte pointed out that if the Giants finally decided to trade the most talented player, then Beckham’s new team must have signed a long-term contract with Beckham.

In the case that the Giants are still able to use Beckham cheaply this season and can be privileged to label him in the next two years, threatening to stop the strike is the only stack for Beckham.

According to New York local media reports, the Los Angeles Rams have expressed interest in trading Beckham, while Becker University teammate, currently playing for Cleveland Browns receiver Jarvis Landry, hopes on Twitter. Beckham can join Brown. However, according to informed sources, the Giants have no intention of trading Beckham.

Mar 30, 2018