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Cowboy Boss Jones Thinks Team Is Similar To Eagles

Cowboy Boss Jones Thinks Team Is Similar To Eagles

Looking at the same region's dead enemy, the Philadelphia Eagles, beats the patriots, and the taste of the first Lombardi Cup in the team history is certainly not very good.

Dallas Cowboys haven't tasted Super Bowl victory since 1995, and they haven't played in the playoffs for two consecutive years since 2007.

However, team owner Jerry Jones will not lose confidence. In an interview recently, he said: 'I have been trying to win the Super Bowl championship since I entered the league for 30 years. So they worked hard for a long time. The same is true for other teams. The victory cannot be simply attributed to the team's construction in these two years.'

After Jones was also asked about the strength gap of the League of Nations East Division, but he thinks the two teams are not much difference.

'I think the difference you mentioned is actually that they won the Super Bowl and we didn't make it to the playoffs. Although we didn't expect the playoffs to be beyond my expectations, I don't think the gap in strength last year was so obvious. They are very similar to us in many aspects.We have good punching performance, strong offensive team and stable quarterback. They may be stronger in the defense team, there are many famous people.But I think The Cowboys also have a lot of potential stars.'

Apr 5, 2018