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Security Guard Service

When it comes to providing Security Guard Service in a City of nearly 700,000 people and during weekdays because of local commuters, the population rises to over one million people. You will want to ensure that your protection service is top notch. We are a locally owned and operated Security Guard Service Company, that deploy Armed and Unarmed Security Guards services in the Nation’s Capitol and surrounding area.

Washington, DC has it unique challenges when it comes to protecting buildings and property. If you are looking for a security guard service provider that trains their Security Guard staff to handle all aspects of Commercial Buildings, Access Control, Personal Close Protection, and handle themselves with the utmost respect and courteously… there is only one Company that stands out from nearly three-thousand registered security agencies in and around the City.

For over 22 years Security Assurance Management, Inc. has been providing Security Guard Services to Washington, DC business owners and property management companies .  If you need competent reliable security guard service for your business then your search can stop here… you found what you are looking for!  Sure there are many so-called big security guard services companies. But why are they big? Is it just because they have a lot of employees? With Security Assurance Management, Incorporated we get personalized security guard service for you location, that meets your exactly specified needs you described to them. To even take your personalized security guard service a step further, you are not bombarded by a sales team. No!  You will speak directly with the company’s owner and Chief Operating Officer.  To top it off, your contact with the companies top brass doesn’t stop with the sales call.  If you choose to hire Security Guard Services from SAM, Inc.,  you can reach them any time by phone or email.  In short, you get a good size company’s resources with a small company feel.

If you are looking for a different type of Security Guard Service, perhaps Bodyguard Service or Dignitary Protection then Security Assurance Management is you one-stop-shop.  Through our services, you can arrange for Car and Driver Services to take you and your family to and from your destinations.  We can get you there with protections from our well trained protective agents.  Even if you are only in town for an Event, Clubs or the Grammys?  Security Assurance Management can supply Professional Bodyguard Services and VIP protection.  Remember, our Security Guard Service can augment our protection agents to give you the most secure and protected visit while you are in the area.

Long term, Short term, or just in town for medical visits, Security Assurance Management has over 22 years of experience traveling across the country with you and your entourage.  From New York to California, Chicago to Miami our professional security guard service and protective detail agents can make your travel experience safely and securely.

Security Guard Service Washington, DC